Make It Happen by the Hardy Group

Have you ever said to yourself, “Why in the world is this church not growing? I mean we seem to be doing the right things but nothing happens. I’m frustrated.” While there are no formulas for church growth, there are principles that when applied can make a difference in your effort to reach spiritually lost people.

To this end, The Hardy Group purposes to provide pastors with the most relevant best-practices resources. The newest resource is the Make It Happen Video Series, Growth Volume 1. It along with Dick Hardy’s book, 27 Tough Questions Pastors Ask have proven to be invaluable to pastors across the US and Canada.

Different from growth resources you may have seen in the past, each of these six DVDs and Coaching Guides is designed to make you think and plan with systems for accountability and action built in.
Would you like the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have laid all the groundwork for the church to grow?

How about having a sense that the church is growing because God is making it happen and not just all your hard work?

Do you have it within yourself to look in the mirror and say, “Even that which we do well, we can do better?”

What if someone went to your local Chamber of Commerce and asked, “Who in our community exemplifies the highest level of customer care?” How quickly would your church’s name flow off the lips of the Chamber? It can happen if you follow the steps outline in this series.
Check out all six of the DVDs:
• 12 Steps to the Culture of Improvement in the Church
• 9 Aspects of Over-the-Top Guest Hospitality
• 3 Foundational Elements Necessary for a Church to Grow
• 5 Pastor-Driven Obstacles to Growth
• 3 Things Missing in Flat and Declining Churches
• 3 Cultures Necessary for a Church to Grow


Written by Guest Blogger Dick Hardy
President of the Hardy Group.
Church Consultant purposing to help pastors remove obstacles to growth

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