Making a Living or Building a Cathedral?

Are you just Making a Living or Building a Cathedral?

I had heard again recently this great little story that I think is a good question for all leaders to always ask themselves, how are they doing in creating the latter in their people?

Two workers were hammering away on a piece of granite with a sledgehammer. When asked what they were doing the first worker said, “I’m just trying to make a living cracking this granite.”

When asked the same question, the second worker said, “I want to make a difference. I’m part of a team building a cathedral.”

Purpose inspires performance and commitment. Is your ministry purpose and direction clear enough that it is inspiring “just granite pounders” or “cathedral builders”?

In everything I do from Take TWO Kids Ministry, Kidology Coaching, serving as Kidology’s Executive Operations Coordinator, being a husband or dad, friend etc. it is my prayer and desire to work hard and help set each person up that God leads across my path to be able to succeed at Cathedral building.

God thanks for inspiring me to inspire others.

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