Making Change

I have run across some advice from Jack Welch that he gave out and feel it can be applied to some extent in ministry as well. Here is a summary of his advice, which it comes down to embracing 4 practices:

1. Attach every change initiative to a clear purpose or goal. Change for changes sake is stupid and enervating. People have to understand in their heads and in their hearts, why change is necessary and where change is taking them. Just because you want change or think there should be change doesn’t mean everyone else thinks change is needed.

2. Hire and promote only “True believers of the direction” and “Let’s get on with it” types. Real change agents comprise less than 10%. They have courage, a certain fearlessness about the unknown.

3. Ferret out and get rid of resisters, even if their performance is satisfactory.
With this one particular point in a ministry setting you probably need to take a softer approach. I think maybe if you notice someone who is resisting and you have done what you can to connect the dots for the people and have done it as fully as you can, then instead of get rid of them, maybe help them move to another ministry area that will be a better suit for them. According to Jack he says that the problem he sees is that often times certain managers will hold onto resisters because of a specific skill set or because they have been around for a long time. He shares that in his opinion it is better to help them change places because the resisters get more die hard and their followings more entrenched as time goes on. They are change killers, help them to another area.

4. Look at car wrecks.
When things go bad, use them as an opportunity to learn and make improvements.

So what do you think about the advice from Jack Welch. What would you change or what do you think is on the nose?

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