Men will rock your children’s ministry

man with child

Walk the halls and peek in on your children’s ministry rooms and see how many boys are engaged. It will be easy to see lots of them in the younger grades, but look between your 3-5th grade and that involvement begins to drop.

Unless, you have 1 thing!

Men in leadership roles.

In a book titled Creating the Ever Cool by author Del Vecchio (which I would recommend to anyone who works with kids) Del Vecchio says, “Brands that target both sexes during these ages are often more effective when they use boys in the spots and not girls. Boys are often turned off by the presence of girls, but girls are not turned off by the presence of boys.”

Having men in your leadership roles will help keep the attention and involvement of the boys who attend your ministry and will not hurt your female attendance. See how having the involvement of both boys and girls will create more momentum in your ministries.

Here is John Maxwell speaking on what he calls the Law of the Big MO!

That being said, here is what I have always tried to get accomplished in the years that I have been a children’s pastor. I try to get as many men as possible to be part of my ministries. To do that I must think through the color schemes that I use in my rooms, and in my advertising and such. I am in no way saying that women aren’t effective leaders. I know personally many women that are anointed and lead kids. But…it doesn’t change the fact that it will be harder to keep the boys engaged the same way, and the Law of the Big MO is more difficult to build. Why?…because I believe the majority of boys are wired like Del Veccio says above. During their pre-teen years, boys shy away from things that seem “girlish.”

Even though men are supposed to be grown up boys, it still doesn’t change how we men will still shy away from your children’s ministry if we feel it is not for us. Test this last statement a little by visiting Wal-Mart sometime and go into the underwear section. First watch in the girls section, you will mainly see moms and their daughters. Go into the boys section and you will see the family.

What would you need to do to attract more men into your children’s ministries?

How does your current ministry attract men?

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