Why are those who minister to kids so uninvolved?

Why are those who minister to kids so uninvolved? You may be asking yourself, am I crazy? You may have even gone through a quick list of items that you do, you have even started to bring up that list that so many who minister to kids have that compare what we do against what the others in church ministry do. Well you would be missing what I am really talking about.

Put down all the mental list and ease up. I’m asking why it seems in the social arena that we are uninvolved because I have kept an eye open for some time now on the rate of topics vs. discussions that we tend to have.

Here in cmconnect are 3 top monthly blog post (yes a little self promoting seeing I was part of this list at this time, but it is my blog. LOL) This page shows the “Monthly Leaders”… daily leaders can be seen on the main page under the heading “Today’s Leaders” and there were 173 views between these 3 blog post and only 2 comments total.

CM Connect Top Blog Post

And then you could go over to Kidology and just take the most current page of 11 topics and there are 15,838 views and only 17 comments.

Kidology discussions

I read what I feel is a very wide-spread and large amount of children’s ministry blogs through my feedly reader and again, great content in many of the blogs but hardly any comments.

So my question is, Why are those who minister to kids so uninvolved – socially? How can we challenge those we lead to move from being just consumers to being active (which by the way is always a heavily viewed topic when someone post on this)?

Get involved and leave a comment of what your thoughts are on this topic.

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