That’s the ministry I want


In my times of hanging out with other children’s pastors I am often hearing how they are trying to do this, or that, because this person does it or that church does it. I often times find that many are listening to the “big names” in the Christian community (because they tend to have a bigger/wider platform to speak from) and it then appears they are the ones to copy. If we want our ministries to grow many of us have convinced ourselves we must BE them. Then we undergo a rude awakening when our copying fails to produce the same results and we wonder why. The problem is it works for those children’s pastors because it is their calling. It doesn’t work for us because the Lord has a different plan for us. We must spend our own time on our faces asking Him what that is, there is no short cuts.

An unfortunate trend in ministry is, we so desperately want to be “more” we stop looking for the purpose God gave US and look to others to answer that. The issue isn’t when we take wisdom and apply it, the issue comes when we try to copy who they are. We play the “numbers” or the “comparison” game, and allow it to make us feel empty and like a failure. If we don’t have enough kids or can’t build the same size and noticed platform to speak from we are doing it “wrong.”

To try to keep from the “That’s the ministry I want” syndrome I suggest know what being “You” Means. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses. THEN read the books, listen to the sermons, and study what others are saying. It is the same when reading the Bible. You don’t first start with the commentaries, you first start with God’s Word and find what it says to you. Once you have that then you can grab a commentary.

So go ahead and read the books, listen to the live streaming, look at other children’s ministries if you need to, but, most of all simply don’t forget Christ just wants you to do what He asked of YOU, no one else. Allow that knowledge to drive you towards, that is the ministry you want to have.

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