My process for reading and digesting books

I am known as a large consumer of books. I posted a blog post titled How my iPad has helped me read more where I share how I have been able to go from reading 80 books a year to 105 books a year. Since this post many have emailed me along with several of my coaching students asking how do I select and process all the info that I take in through books?

Great question and here is my response to this question.

Book Selection Process.

When selecting a book it’s important to remember that the impact that a book has on your life is greatly affected by the current season of your life and where you are in your personal journey. I do have a reading agenda that I create and for the most part I stick to it with the minor exceptions of adding another book or two to the list. I have written out guidelines of how one book may replace another or the new book must be added as an extra book read at an additional time.

Some of the criteria I use when selecting a book to invest my time and energy in are:

– I select a book based upon what do I need to learn or develop, given where I am in my personal journey.

– I select books from authors that have previously affected my life and with whom I connect. For me some of these are authors like Jim Collins, John Maxwell, Andy Stanley, Peter Drucker, and Posner and Kouzes, etc.

– I select books that will help me grow in areas critical to my role as a children’s pastor, leader, parent, spouse.

– I read books recommended to me by people I trust and respect. I keep an ongoing list in Evernote which I will add to when I get another recommendation.

– I do not read books just because they are popular or make the bestseller lists. When I select a book to read I select them with an understanding that this is an investment of my time from which I expect a return!

I will continue my process in future post.

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