Needed communication in children’s ministry Part 2

Yesterday I started this thought of communication needed in children’s ministry and how I get it accomplished. Today I will continue that same conversation while I hit on some other groups that those of us who lead children’s ministry need to make sure we are covering with great communication.

Group 1: Parents (already blogged on here)

Group 2: Your Coordinators/Directors
I am not sure what you may call them, but this group for me are the ones I have over whole departmental areas within the children’s ministry. For me they would be the ones over my nursery, Preschool, Kids Church service for 1-5th grade, Kids discipleship group called the M&M’s (miniature missionaries), JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz), Sunday School, Royal Rangers boys ministry, and Missionettes girls ministry.

This is the group that I meet with officially every month on the last Sunday after the last service.
I will meet with them for about an hour. During this hour I have a team building devotion where I am giving them different toys tools to add into their tool box to help us all become better leaders, people, spouses etc. I believe so strongly in helping to disciple everyone in my circle of influence to become better not only in the ministry they lead or are part of but to help them become better in all areas of their lives. If I can pour into my teams so that it will help them get raises at work, compliments from their spouses, draw closer to their kids, or whatever, the stronger my leaders will be and the more benefit the ministry will experience as well. Also during this meeting time I will go over a ministry manual point as well. This helps us make those manuals that we spend so much time creating become more than just a nice little book. I share vision and mission and make sure we are connecting everything to them. Then we will open it up for misc. items from them and any future changes we may be looking at.

The bottom line for me while meeting with this great group of leaders is to model how I want them to meet with their teams.

Group 3: Volunteers

Google Groups.
I have set up for each ministry area a Google group where I am training my Coordinators to oversee their own group. The purpose for this is I ca communicate to them and all correspondence back to the topics is seen by everyone part of that group. This helps me to build a data base of topics and answers for all to see and be part of. It also helps me to see when others on their teams ask questions I can see the answers given and the questions asked. Now I have real time idea if we are communicating well to everyone.

Stand up meetings.
Every week before any service time I walk around and meet with these leaders to just check in and make sure they are ready and doing well. I hold stand up meetings with them that last only a couple minutes in the hallways.

Facebook page, twitter, Texting, email. I lump all of these together because they are the same ones I use for the parents communication as well.

2x a year trainings
I only meet 2x a year with these groups seeing that I depend on my Coordinators to meet monthly with each of these groups. When I meet with them during this time one is for overall training and the other is a fun time to recognize them and celebrate with them.

There you go, 2 more groups that we better stay focused on communicating with. You may do it differently which is great, just don’t miss out on staying connected with these 2 groups. We need our team!

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