New Position Landmine #2 Relationships

The relationship landmine usually detonates when the new children’s pastor does not do an adequate job of establishing and identifying key relationships and how they are interconnected throughout the church. The relationships that I am referring to are those who are stakeholders in your ministry. A partial list of important relationships includes:

* Involved parents
* Key leaders in your ministry
* Key leaders outside of your ministry
* Church board members
* Persons of influence in the membership

If you, as the new childrens pastor, ignore or fail to put enough energy into building the proper relationships then the probability of damage from this “landmine” is extremely high.

Another potential relationship landmine that can severely injure your efforts is poor follow through in communication. This can take many forms but the most common stems from the new children’s pastor not giving each individual relationship its proper importance.

This landmine can easily be navigated around by always remembering that relationship-building is the very essence of what Christ has called us to do.



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