New Position Landmine #3 The Ministry itself

Here is one landmine that maybe I should have started this whole landmine blog post series with. This is a landmine that you would come in contact with right away and not even notice until it could be too late. This is one of those land mines that you see in the movies where someone steps on and then has to remain still until they can find an equal weight item to slide on and take the place of the person who stepped on it. Unfortunately that is in ways the same type of solution that is required here as well. If you find yourself on top of this land mine it will more than likely take another person to come and relieve you as well.

What is the landmine I am referring to? The new ministry position itself.

Often times I have seen and heard and even early on in my own ministry years the excitement of the new church you get to go to and minister in over whelms you and you become blinded with excitement of the new ministry, or the size of it, or the pay of it, new title or areas like that. You may even stop asking the hard questions, making yourself informed and instead just walk blindly into that land mine.

One of the results from this is not only will you have put yourself in a bad spot where the solution will end up you having to be replaced because you can not do what you should be doing or because the church you are moving to is in a bad spot that you never truly uncovered due to the lack of openly asking the hard and informed questions.

So, I encourage you to ask the hard questions in advance. Leave questions as open ended as possible for the new church to fill in the blanks, find out and listen closely to definitions of terms. Take time after you have left to think and pray and allow your head to clear from the wining and dinning that may have been taking place as you visited the church. Find yourself some honest people who will help you digest all that you are thinking and feeling, and make sure you allow plenty of time to think with your spouse and family.

It is these kinds of things that I finally did well when looking to come to Sheffield that I contribute such a great fit for my family and I being here at Sheffield.

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