New Position Landmines #1 Personal

I recently noticed that the last time I posted was July 20, 2010. My life has been very hectic of late and I have undergone a major shift in priorities in order to maintain the delicate balance required for my various responsibilities at home and at work.

Now that my pace has slowed somewhat, I thought this an excellent time to cover what I like to call the “landmines” hidden along the path of transition from one ministry position to another. I know of these “landmines” because I have stepped on each at some point in my career as a children’s pastor. The lessons I learned from encountering these “landmines” taught me enough to avoid making the same mistakes in my present position. They also provided the catalyst which led to discovering my perfect ministry fit here at Sheffield.

Land Mine #1 – Personal.
You can encounter this landmine when you assume that the success in your last position will automatically carry over to your new one. It often comes as a result of failing to honestly evaluate your fitness for your new position. When you arm yourself with this mindset it eliminates the need for a sincere assessment of your strengths, motivations, and compatability. The end result is a disaster waiting to happen.

Often we become dependent on certain people, processes, or tools in ministry. We take for granted that they will always be in place and fail to recognize the value they brought to our ministry. When we begin a new job without those trusted “friends” in place, we can unknowingly begin to flop.

This “mine” is easily disarmed by engaging in an accurate accounting of your gifts, talents, and prior successes. The use of an IED (Internal Evaluation Device) up front will save you hours of damage control later.

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