New Wine, New Skins – Kidology Coaching

Change, it is happening everywhere and at all times. But there are really 2 kinds of change that I am talking about in this post and many of us do not object to one of these types of change which we will call: Continuous Change. Most of us do not mind this type type of change because this type of change develops out of what has gone before and therefore can be expected, anticipated, and managed. This type of change involves improvements on what is already taking place and can be managed with existing skills and expertise already developed.

Discontinuous change is one that is disruptive and unanticipated. This kind of change creates situations that challenge our assumptions. The skills we have already learned are rendered obsolete. In change like this: working harder with one’s habitual skills and ways of working does not address the challenges being faced; an unpredictable environment means new skills are needed; and lastly, there is no getting back to what was once considered “normal”.

There are definitely times that we can see clearly when these two types of changes have taken place. For the first type an example of Continuous Change could be raising children. Here we have decades of great resources created and at our disposal. There are definite patterns that children go through that we can learn from and maybe just need to make some adaptations within a given framework.

Then there is the Discontinuous Change that transforms a culture forever. Look at the printing press, computer, internet, the iPhone and many more. Once these changes or items were created it changed our lives and our world in a way that there was no turning back to the familiar.

I recently was reminded of a great commercial through a book that I was reading, and it was a commercial from IBM that demonstrates what discontinuous change is really like. It wet something like this:

A team of people where starting up a business after working hard to develop an online marketing strategy gather around a computer as their product goes online. They look hopefully and expectantly for the first internet sale. When one comes through, they nervously look at each other, relieved that something was happening. Then 10 more sales come through, excitement runs through the anxious room. Then, suddenly, a hundred orders show up. The team is cheering and giving high five’s because all their hard work has paid off. Then as they look at the screen beyond belief it doesn’t stop at 100, suddenly its thousands and then millions and it just keeps going up. It brings everyone to a place that they realize the organization has moved to a level of complexity that is beyond the teams skills and ability to address.

We tend to be in a time of change that many pastors are just like that team; they are looking at each other realizing that the church has changed in a way that their presently learned skills are no longer as effective. Not all is lost, because God is still on the throne and willing to continue to help us.

Hope is still alive for us all because we serve the One who wrote about “new wine in new wine skins”. It is these new wine and new skins that makes Kidology Coaching so valuable. Numerous Kidology Coaching Students are weekly

…insights into developing their own administrative skills:

* Helping organize your children’s ministry
* Developing your vision and goals for reaching kids
* Insights into your spiritual gifts
* Guidance and help with your Godly disciplines
* Exposure to various venues for children’s ministry
* Marketing your children’s ministry
* Recommending books and articles to read and study
* Sample administrative forms and procedures
* Leadership-training procedures
* Task management

…help in presenting a clear Gospel message to children:

* Learning different approaches used to present the Gospel to kids
* Developing Bible messages for kids
* Discipline of giving salvation invitations to children
* Studying the Bible texts about children

…creative use of evangelistic methods, technology and gadgets:

* Learning a variety of evangelistic methods for children
* Exposure to collaborating tools, web based tools, gadgets & more oftentimes free
* Teaching how to use object lessons and gospel magic
* Learning insights into today’s “Child culture”
* Help with programming your evangelistic ministry

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