No exceptions policy

I just learned this new term called a “No Exceptions Policy”. A no exceptions policy towards habits basically means you will maintain a certain exercise (habit) no matter what happens, because you value the long term benefits of the new habit.

People who will dabble at change will usually quit after just a few weeks or months. You have seen these people or you may be one yourself. A few examples would be the New Year dieters, the new founded “I have got to start saving for my future” people, or the time to continue my schooling and the list goes on and on. These people (and I have been in at least one of these list above myself) usually have a long list of reasons (or excuses) why it didn’t work out for them. It is those who really want to distance themselves from the masses and want to really enjoy the fruits of their new found habits recognize that it is in the “daily” habits that will determine a future. It is in living a “No exceptions policy” that you will continue to invest in let’s say the habit of having good health, that you want to receive the benefit of walking your daughter down the aisle of her wedding so daily you invest in that habit of good health. You go to gym, choose healthy food, don’t stay up all night, don’t work 7 days a week so you can have good health. You do all this with the conviction of staying true, no exceptions!

In closing this thought, I am sure that successful people do not just drift to the top. It requires focused deliberate action, discipline and not to mention a ton of energy every day to make things happen. So what kind of “No Exception” policy do you have? What habits are you investing in no matter what, because the end result is too important for you to give up or just dabble around with?

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