Not as much about the tool as it is about YOU

I am reading more often about all the great tools, gadgets, technology and more that people are using to make their lives more productive. But then, if I continue to watch the same people claiming a new technology or tool that made their life so great just a couple months ago will now be posting how their lives are out of control again.

This is why I am developing the attitude that it is not as much about the tools as it is about you.

Here is what I mean. There are some incredible things out there to help everyone squeeze as much as possible into their day. To help us not forget another appointment. To lead the best and most efficient meetings. To network and never forget a name of a person we meet. To synchronize and store every possible piece of information we come across and want to keep.

Yet, with all of these items we still end up with our lives often times out of control. Why? Is the technology corrupted – No. Are the systems broke – No. Then why? There is one common denominator that runs through all of these. It is us the people using them all.

So let’s fine tune ourselves and invest in our productivity by investing in our own well being. Here are only some ways and I am sure you can add your own.

1. Get some sleep. I enjoy mind dumping before I go to bed. This is where I will write down every thought that enters my mind until there is nothing left. That helps me to feel that those thoughts are safe because I have them on paper and wont lose them but they dont need to take up storage in my head before I go to sleep. Now I can sleep as my mind is at rest.

2. Eat right. Take the time to sit and eat with your family and to cook a good meal. It is easy to try and drive through all the time and eat in the car with the family and think we are doing right. Instead, we are more broke and filled with food that will not fuel us the same way so we will later be grabbing a snack to help with the pick me up that we feel we need.

3. Take time to push away from your desk and walk the halls at your work or go outside and walk around the building. Often times we will continue to sit at our desk and surf the web. Try the walk and change of scenery.

4. Schedule your hobbies in your week or find a hobby and then schedule that in. You need to have an unplug time that has nothing to do with your job regardless of how much you may love it.

There are 4 quick ones what others would you add?

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