Not enough time in the day. Really?

During my past long blogging sabbatical I had a great time of focusing again. One more area that God was dealing with me in was my feelings of sometimes getting over whelmed or the feeling of confusion as to what I should be doing, and I am not talking about long range, but daily, what should I be doing.  I needed to put together a strategic/tactical plan to success for myself. It was looking at these two words that helped me to get back to proper focus again.

The word “strategic” deals with “why” issues, whereas the word “tactical” deals with “how.” So when you’re strategic “why” become muddled, your tactical “how” solutions diminish. When you’re strategic “why” issues are settled, the tactical “how” solutions become obvious. So here is my personal conclusion that I had to come to, the degree of clarity you have about your strategic beliefs enables you to focus and execute.

Achieving clarity about what you really want is the solution because knowing what you want will help settle and establish the strategic issues you face. If you are not clear about what you really want, however, your belief in your effort will not be powerful or compelling enough to sustain your efforts. Clarity about what you want is actually what empowers your ability to believe in what you are doing, because your belief in what you are doing is the engine of the actions you take.

Something that has  begun to be noticeable to me and has been for a while is simply that the speed of light creates a mixed bag of beliefs that combine to produce a list of specific felt needs. Felt needs are the emotions we feel as a result of unresolved questions and challenges. I’m sure that there are several different felt needs but there is one for sure I want to talk briefly about here. This one can be traced back to a lack of clarity and is by far the one I hear the most by my fellow friends who have maybe over time lost the clarity they may have heled at one time.

Ready for it? Here it is, ask yourself if you have ever said this one…

There doesn’t seem to be enough time to do all that I have to do. Anything worth doing should be done–period!

I have seen time and time again, and have coached several people in time management,  some with calendars so packed it would make anybody’s head spin but yet for them they get it all done and within a reasonable and pre-determined time. Then in another season of life I have seen those same people take on the same load but a very different result as they have truly created a legitimate feeling of not having enough time, even though the real  problem was not a time problem, it is often a clarity issue.

When you lack clarity about what you really want, or the results that should really be accomplished, or whatever you lack clarity about, you will find yourself being pushed toward living in problems. When you have clarity about things, you will be pulled toward living in solutions. And living in solutions you become more effective in all you do.

So have you felt there is not enough time in a day? Take a big step back and ask yourself, Do you have clarity in all that you are doing? Sometimes you will be able to discover where you may have lost some clarity along the way and moved toward problems instead of solutions.

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