Nuggets taken from Seeds conference prt. 2

seeds conference 2015

This year attending the Seeds conference via Live StreamPass was great. It cost my church a fraction of the price for me to go and attend, travel, food, Hotel etc.. Instead I was able to watch from many places of my choosing ranging from a couple local coffee shops, to my porch.

Just as if I was there I picked up some great nuggets of wisdom, insight, and definitely quotable tidbits. I want to list some more of these below and hopefully you will find them as good as I did. You can also go to my first post with even more goodies that I picked up over here

* Good people rarely leave healthy organizations. @patricklencioni

* Teamwork allows us to build the healthiest possible organization.

* Jesus is LIFTED UP when you do things with excellence!

* How to make your church healthy:
1. Cohesive leadership team
2. Create clarity
3. Overcommunicate clarity
4. Reinforce clarity

* Discipline 1 of creating a healthy organization – Establish a cohesive leadership team

* Discipline 2 and 3 of creating a healthy organization – Create clarity and over communicate clarity.

* Over communicate clarity, people need to hear this over and over.

* People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed. @patricklencioni

* Vulnerability is the best opportunity for growth. This only happens if the leader goes first

* When people in your organization can be emotionally buck naked with each other, it changes your culture for the better.

* “A healthy organization is one where people come and know that there’s NO politics.”
-Patrick Lencioni

* What makes Chick-fil-a special is not the sandwich it’s the culture.

* “People walk through walls of fire for leaders who know who they are.” @patricklencioni

* When we don’t recognize constructive conflict as good, it ferments conflict around them as people.

* You need to be competent, not perfect.

* If you have people who aren’t willing to grow then you have to be willing to let them go #leadership #churchgrowth

* If people don’t WEIGH in on a conversation/issue, they won’t BUY in. So don’t just SHARE info w/your people, let them SHAPE it.

* The primary source of accountability is the people on your team, not the leader of the team.

* Behavioral accountability trumps result accountability in #leadership & healthy #organizations.

* “As leaders we have to have the courage to hold leaders accountable for their behavior.”

* Minister upward, with the same love and dignity as we “minister-downward.”

* “My department is fine, your department isn’t my concern” it just takes one hole to sink a ship!

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