Nuggets taken from Seeds Conference prt.1

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I am getting the opportunity to attend the Seeds conference via a Stream Pass thanks to the wonderful technology we have today and a great church of mine that allows me to do just this.

When you settle “your calling” that poison of bitterness and restlessness will be released

“If your pastor was everything you wanted him to be, he still wouldn’t be enough for you.”

You might be in the place you are because it’s not about God changing your leader but God changing YOU.

When you see yourself connected to something bigger than yourself, you’re more generous. Give more. Serve more. Honor more.

Develop a “habit” of being thankful!!!

Spend time daily “thanking” GOD for your Leadership, lean into thankfulness.

An isolated life sees what you’ve done… A thankful life sees what’s bigger than you!

Thankfulness is ALL about being connected. Realizing that something you have didn’t come from you. (via @whitneygeorge)

“The devil didn’t think I was too young to learn stuff, but the church did.” @Willie_George

“The people you admire aren’t necessarily more talented than you. They’re just more disciplined than you.” @whitneygeorge

“We often want the gold but we don’t want the process to get there” @whitneygeorge

Your generosity will change / increase when you stop seeing yourself as the source.

Create experiences that people want to repeat. @whitneygeorge

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