One method to create children’s ministry object lessons


I have recently had a lot of my volunteers coming to me asking how do I create object lessons for everything we talk about in our children’s ministry? So I thought if they have this question then many others may have it as well.

Here is one simple way I create object lessons.

Pray. Enough said on this point.

After Prayer I will start with the main point of the scripture. This may be one of those ways that my method is different from some that I talk with. Starting points with object lessons differ.

Example, some start with this order:
Idea: God is creative
Scripture: Genesis 1:1
Object Lesson: Use a tub of play-dough and mold it into something live on stage

Some may come up with the object that they feel is really cool then the idea and then scripture to support it.

Cool object: Glow in the dark tub of play-dough
Idea: God is creative
Scripture: Genesis 1:1

Whereas I come up with the scripture that I want to illustrate then go create the illustration.

Scripture: Genesis 1:1
Idea: God is creative
Object: Glow in the Dark Play-dough.

This difference in all 3 may sound small but to me it is all about what is trying to be shared? The scripture, Idea, or Object? For me it helps to keep my focus and priorities knowing it is the scripture I am trying to share but I am using an object to aid in it. I am not sharing an object and pulling some scripture together to help share the object.

Now about the object itself, if you use one that is familiar with your audience I find the less you need to spend time explaining what it does or what it is. But with every object, familiar or not to the kids, it is a good investment of time to explain the object and make reference to it. Your goal is to get the children thinking about the value and purpose of the object (play-dough is used to create what I want, if it is soft it is useable to me, it will become whatever I want it to become, it will only look as good as the skill of the one molding it, I can mold 100 things with it and each will look different) which will help them relate to the value and purpose of the concept you are going to link to the object.

This was not meant to be a complete list or way of how to create and use object lessons, I only wanted to get you started. I hope I was able to share why I start with the scripture and make any object I may use connect to that and not some scripture connect to an object. This is only one simple way of I am sure many ways.

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