Pace Setting Morning Routine

Being a firm believer in the power of having a strategic morning routine, 5am is probably my most favorite time to truly get up and start the day. Anyone can have a strategic and purposeful start regardless of when you may call “The start of your day”.

My basic morning routine looks like this:
– First 10 minutes of being up I like to check the weather and make my coffee. Not sure where this started or why but it has really become part of the start of my day for years now. I also think it allows my brain to begin to start as well.

– 10 minutes pour my coffee, my 32 oz mug of water and lastly gather my iPad.

– 10 minutes. I then will sit in a certain spot that I do not normally sit in during the normal working of my day. I think it makes me feel that I am some place “special”. I will then open up YouVersion Bible app on my iPad. Before I start reading though I also have Day One app opened on my iPad where I start to write all the thoughts that enter my mind. I don’t try to make sense of them at this time I just really type them all up as they enter my brain. Once I am done with that and the thoughts are pretty much done, then I start to read my Bible on YouVersion app.

– 30 minutes. Read my Bible. I follow some type of Bible reading system that YouVersion provides. They have several and I always just pick 1 or 2 to go through every year. I like to read one plan in one translation of the Bible and the other plan in another translation of the Bible. This piece and the following piece of prayer can often times take longer than described here depending on if the felt need is there to continue. Picture this, during this time and the next step of prayer I am spending it with the creator of all, what a privilege.

– 30-45 minutes. Pray. I hand my whole day over to God as I pray over event by event on my calendar for that day, that week and an overview of the year. I also have certain things topics that I specifically pray over on certain days. Example: On Mondays I pray over my coaching students by name, surrounding area churches and children’s pastors, and for Kidology. Everyday through the week there are topics like these that I enjoy praying for to make sure all my specific interest are covered through the week.

There is the first 1 1/2 hours of my strategic morning prep. I will discuss the rest in my next post.

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