People are not committed

I hear this all the time, that the people in their church just are not committed. What are people talking about? Are those who say this talking about being committed to the local church? A denomination? To service? To a pastor? To a board? Committee? What is their definition of “People are just not committed”?

Our culture requires absolute commitment to very little, and then when our churches call for commitment it is kind of counter-cultural to call for commitment to an institution, a belief system, or to a person. The lack of commitment is why we do what we do, not the obstacle to what we do. The people we come in contact with daily need examples of faithfulness and commitment in order to reproduce that commitment in their own lives as dads, wives, children, employees, employers, neighbors and more.

Select carefully but select what each of us want to celebrate. When we see commitment that is being lived out and applied we need to highlight that and celebrate it loud. We can often times live with what I will call the negative child syndrome. This is where only the negative child gets the attention and the one that does right gets ignored. Should we always pay attention to the squeakiest wheel? Why not shift our attention to the wheel that is moving well?

I think often times in Children’s ministry to name just one, we can feel as though the whole world is against us. When was the last time we found a family and highlighted them and their great contributions to the children’s ministry by doing a video commercial on them and showing it in the adult sanctuary in front of their peers? How do we celebrate loudly those that live the commitment we are asking for or desire to see in the lives of those we minister to? I often times talk with Children’s pastors and hear from them that they have a discipline policy set up but I am not sure I have ever heard of one yet that has a “Attaboy” type policy set up to celebrate loudly those who are living the commitment.

So if your commitment level seems to be low where you are, check to see how well you are doing in celebrating the “Attaboy” type stuff.

Stop being lazy and trying to have your bulletin announcement do your job of helping people to see the difference they can make in an area of your ministry.

Check your volume and make sure that the celebrations are much louder the any complaint.

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