Could this possibly be in our future?

I ran across this video and with so many things in it I thought – yes, I love it! This type of technology for me is extremely appealing. Then my mind goes to how could we capitalize on this type of technology in children’s ministry?

What if as families pulled into the church parking lot on the windows of the church it had a movie of what experience your kids will be going through for the day.

What if on the way to service our phones would alert us of missionaries birthdays, and the kids could Skype them briefly and hear updates of how they are impacting the Kingdom of God and if the child wanted to they could record the conversation and send it to the children’s pastor to potentially be shared at some point during small groups.

What if kids could scan their phone to pay their tithes which throughout the week parents were electronically adding their allowance to or money that the kids were working for throughout the week.

The list really goes on and on of the possibilities. What would you like to see happen with this type of technology?

Do you like or dislike this type of technology? Why?

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