Potential time wasters in my children’s ministry


I love what I get to do every day as a children’s pastor. I often even feel that I need to pinch myself because of the great honor of what I get to do. With this privilege and honor comes great responsibility as well. Because of this great responsibility I need to always check my productivity and not my busyness.

Here are some potential time wasters that will slow me down from being as productive as i can be in the children’s ministry that I get the privilege of being over. Let’s see if you may see some that you struggle with if not kept in check.

1. Email. I will start with this as it can be a never-ending battle. The bings, and bells, and dings and notifications that can come from the emails coming in that will always distract you from what you should be doing.

To help with this, turn all your notifications off and check your emails at predetermined times. I check mine at 9 and 3. It took me some getting use to realize that I really am not as important as I may have thought and my emails can wait until 9 and 3.

2. Internet searching. Here is an area that I can end up losing track of time as I link surf (clicking from one link to another, to another etc). No one ever link surfs to waste time we all do it for the purpose of research or productivity but let’s be honest, more often than not it ends up being a waste of time.

To help with this, set a timer on your phone, use an egg timer, an alarm clock etc for a pre-determined time and once it goes off, you have to stop. I schedule in my week 1 hour of link surfing. During this time it is always relaxing but at the end I always feel good because I stuck to my one hour and have no regrets.

3. Scheduling meetings. I can spend just as much time trying to arrange a meeting with a group of people as I sound in the meeting. This can end up being very discouraging.

To help with this, I first ask myself is this meeting even necessary? Then if determined that the meeting is necessary I go onto asking myself do I really need to meet with all of these people? Lastly, if the meeting is necessary and I have come up with a list of people I must have in the meeting I ask is there another way to keep everyone updated without everyone being physically present? This can be done by using tools like Skype, LiveMinutes, Google Hangouts etc.

There you go, just 3 potential time wasters but these 3 will rack up the time being wasted and keep me from being as productive as I could be in my children’s ministry.

What are your time wasters?

Do you struggle with these as well? If so how do you overcome them?

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