The power of a 5 minute list

Blue pen on the spiral bound note-book paper.

I have always believed in making list, and I enjoy being as productive as I can be. So why has it taken me so long to learn the power in combining these two joys into my slow time, I have no idea.

I know myself really well and know that when it gets to be around 1:30-3:30pm I begin to slow down. This is my time that my daily internal clock begins to become sluggish. So I have now learned to create what we will call here a “5 minute clock”.

When you hit your “1:30-3:30pm” internal clock and you don’t have the energy to start a major task or you find your energy waning, pull out your already crafted five-minute list: A to-do list of easy, low-intensity tasks that you can do in less than five minutes.

Suggestions of what may be on this list could be:

1. An internet search
2. Printing out and sorting documents
3. Light research

Whatever it means for you, the five-minute list can help you be productive even during the times you have difficulty concentrating.

Now go and create your specific 5 minute list and feel free to share what some of the items are here. Enjoy turning your unproductive times into more productive times.

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