Power of Kindness

This afternoon I was walking into the church after taking a little time to go with my wife to Starbucks, when in the lobby of the church was this lady and her two kids along with one of our office secretaries named Mary. Mary announced to them that “here is our children’s pastor now.” I walked over there to see why I was being introduced and to say hello to the family.

Now is where this true story that happened today gets real good. The lady with the kids began to explain how they came to our church the previous week for the State wide home school testing that we allow to be held at our church as a way to be a blessing. During this time and with the mobs of kids and parents everywhere, this lady wants to just go and find a quiet place for her and her son while the daughter is testing. She finds a little spot that she feels will be ok but wonders if she has traveled into an area that will get her in trouble. No sooner this thought comes into her mind one of our custodians named Stacey comes by and she begins to explain why she was were she was. Stacey very kindly looks at her and affirms that she is alright but he wondered if her son likes to play video games? To no surprise of his or the mom the son says yes. Stacey tells the mom and son to follow him as he proceeds to take them into our gym which has video games in it. Stacey hooks the games up and turns them all on so the son can play.

Through this experience of what some may have considered not too big of an ordeal, it made such an impression on her through his generosity of taking time to do this even though he was very busy that she has decided to attend our church now. Thanks Stacey for being Jesus in the flesh and making time for this family. It goes to show again the true power of just being kind.

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