Prepare your children’s ministry for the future

Over these last couple of days we have been running family services every night for a week total when all is done. During these times I have been amazed, stood in wonder, and a flood of other feelings. My thoughts continue to run to is the children’s ministry that I am responsible for positioned for success regardless if I am in the picture or not? Is this generation prepared to continue to usher in the church to change the world we live in?

I am pleasantly able to report that I do believe we are on a great start here at my church and that it is only getting stronger all the time. Here are some things I have implemented all to different degrees of success at this time, but will continue to strengthen each of these over the years.

1. In our children’s ministry we have put some of our sharp young leaders at the decision making table.
Some ways we do this is by giving young leaders (They are called M&M’s at our church – Miniature Missionaries) the opportunity to expand their leadership competency by letting them lead key projects/assignments.

2. Provide young leaders greater visibility in front of our church.
Give young leaders some credibility by publicly pointing our their potential and value they bring to the ministry/church/world. I highlight them in the bulletin, make video praise reports, mention from the pulpit and many other ways.

3. Give young leaders opportunities to watch you make difficult decisions.
Discuss the why’s and how’s of those decisions with them. Work life out along side of them. It is no longer good to act like you have everything together, let them see you struggle with some decisions and work it out loud so they can learn to do the same.

4. Make sure older and more experienced leaders are investing in your younger leaders. Make it an expectation in your culture.

5. Put your budgets toward the development of the young leaders and into their parents and adult leaders who impact them.
Your ministry should be exposing them to some of the best training and best experiences. I enjoy bringing people in who have the skills needed to pour into my kids in the ministry. Even with my most recent Week Long Super Hero Family Week I have brought in other children’s pastors who have certain specialties to help us minister to all the people that have been coming in. It is no longer my church, your church and we just build our own kingdom. Instead, the kids today want to just impact the world and are so use to a very small flat world and networking and closing all the gaps of distance to get the job done.

6. Challenge young leaders to start reproducing themselves.
They need to develop this discipline early. The sharing of info, space, responsibilities etc that kids are use to is helping this to be done much earlier now. it is sometime the adult leaders who need to be reminded of this.

7. Create an atmosphere where young leaders are allowed to fail.
Sometimes we don’t see their potential because they’re afraid to take risks. It’s up to us to create a culture where young and old leaders aren’t afraid of failure. How do you cultivate this?

There they are some quick points, suggestions, ideas and all things that I am continuing to pursue in providing in greater ways every day here in children’s ministry. I would enjoy hearing what you do or ideas that you do with any of these things that I am doing that would help me to become better in what I do.
Establish a culture of leadership development

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