Productive day starts the night before

How do you start your day? Do you get up and fumble for the coffee? Walk around wondering what all you have to do for the day? Read a little here and a little there? Play on your phone but call it work?

I get several emails and children’s pastors asking me all the time, “How do you get so much done?” Today I will put into writing what I have shared with so many of you and my Kidology Coaching students. Maybe others will find it helpful for themselves as well.

I find for myself that the way I start my day determines the level of productivity I will experience for that day. This learned fact for myself is the drive behind my “night before prep”. At the close of each day right before I go to bed I spend time mind dumping (I write down every thought that comes to mind and sort through it all later. Sorting it later helps me to not have to slow down and stop the flow of thoughts that fill the pages of my moleskine).

Once this mind dumping is done I will then look over the calendar for the next day to see what is on my agenda. I will begin to set up a few items if needed, like, if I have some phone calls to make I will gather their numbers and little memos for myself on what I want to accomplish during the calls. If I have meetings to attend I will zip quick little emails out reminding those who are scheduled to be in attendance any agenda items they need to be ready to go over during our time together. After this prep time, I will then go through one more mind dumping time to catch all lingering thoughts that may have crept in. There is a scheduled day that I have each week to go through all of these mind dumping thoughts and do something with them. They will either go under a tab titled “silly”, “potential”, or they convert into S.M.A.R.T.E.R actionable items.

Strong finishes at the close of your day will facilitate a confident, clear mindset for a successful next day. Check back to see how I start my days for a successful productive day after this night before prep.

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