Productive Morning routines part 2

I started this blog topic with part 1 titled Pace Setting Morning Routines and hope you found that profitable. Now to continue my routine with hopes not that you copy my routine, but that you will find ar own productive morning routine.

So far in my morning routine I have already mentioned and given the est amount of time I invest in each of these over in part one:
Checking weather, making coffee, gathering my water, mind dumping, Bible reading, and praying. Thats all in part one which you can read again over here.

Now to continue on with my morning routine.
– 10 minutes I go in and journal in the Day One app I had already mentioned in part one of my morning routine. I will journal over what I have read, ideas I want to work on, projects, just about anything as this time is very unstructured on purpose.

– 5 minutes. I will check again my day which I had set up the night before with my hit list of 5 items that are must do’s in my opinion for that day. I keep these in an app called irunurun. This app also allows me to set up an accountability team which can see my progress or lack of. This is a great motivator to keep moving forward on my Hit list.

– 30 minutes. I go in and read blogs, e-newspapers etc on my iPad with the app of Flipboard. Another app I use is Zite. Now if I can not get through all the reading set out for me during this time I also have set to read these sources again at the end of the night as well.

Now with my morning routine it is around 7:15am (this is when you combine what I blogged in part 1 and with this post as well) and I get the privilege of watching some kids from church for 1 hour which my wife and I split in time. I take the first 30 minutes while my wife gets ready for the day and my wife takes the last 30 minutes while I get ready for the day. All the while during this hour we are helping our own kids get ready for the day as well. I will walk the kids we are watching to the bus stop.

– 10 minutes. I listen to a podcast on leadership, children’s ministry etc. while waiting at the bus stop with the kids.

– 15 minutes. I will eat breakfast with my wife and youngest daughter when I get back from the bus stop.

There you go. That is the basic overview of my morning routine before starting work. Yes there are days when this takes a few changes, but I will always come back to this as soon as I can. I like this routine because of the results it produces for me, which is the only reason I live this routine.

What is your routine? Is it accomplishing what you want it to do?

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