Productivity – A Bugs Life

I was reading this morning about the story of the ant and grasshopper. You may have heard the same story so I will not re-tell it completely plus you could also jump on over HERE and read it for yourself. But there was definitely a main lesson that stood out to me and one that I am encouraging my Kidology Coaching students to continually work towards. This lesson is also good for anyone, and it is amazing how much of a difference it makes if applied.

The story basically involves an industrious ant and a fun-loving, procrastinating grasshopper. As you can tell the ant works hard all summer by bringing in only one grain at a time while the grasshopper jumps around and has fun all day long. Come winter though the story changes and it is the ant who makes it through the winter and not the grasshopper.

So what does one grain of wheat really equal? The answer is alot!!

Don’t procrastinate start now with just your little bits of grain. Some around you will be like grasshoppers and jump around and use excuses for not starting yet like: I am waiting for the right time or the right job/ministry, good weather, to reach a certain destination before starting, need to save up enough money and the list can and does go on and on.

But what could some practical “Grain” ways look like? Here are some piece by piece grains to start with:
* Three minutes of tidying your desk.
* Five minutes of going through the mail and processing it.
* Four minutes of deleting no longer relevant emails.
* Five minutes to call a fellow children’s pastor and build that network

Those grains really add up. You grab ahold of grain by grain by learning:
* How to take one thing at a time
* Prioritizing. We can only manage priorities not time
* This is really more simple than we probably make it, and that is a large reason many don’t even start.
* Find accountability friends/network just like the ants have colonies. If left alone by ourselves we will just begin to naturally complicate things.

Now if I could only accomplish having a bugs life… boy who would of thought that a goal of mine would be to learn from a bug.

If you want to read the whole fable here it is: The Ant and the Grasshopper

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