Qualities of Great Leaders part 3

I am continuing the topic of things that I see are qualities of great leaders. If you have not read the previous two you can check them out here with part one and then here is part two.

So here is part 3: They create opportunities for others.
Great leaders create opportunities for people to learn, grow, or progress further. They treat people as an end in themselves, not merely as a means to an end, making sure that everyone has the ability to thrive both within and outside of the ministry.

One of the new ideas we are working on materializing in our children’s ministry here at SFLCKids to help people have new opportunities to learn, grow and progress further is a color band idea. Simply put, we have 4 colors ranging from blue, green, red and yellow. Each band is a progression of the previous band and shows not only the desire of the one wearing the color band but it also comes with more perks invested into the volunteer. The further one goes in the colors (our way of providing a way to further their abilities and dreams), with each color having a different amount of things to be accomplished on the volunteers side (this is helping them grow) and also given to the volunteer from my budget.

How do you help your volunteers to grow, learn, and progress further?

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