Qualities of Great Leaders part 4

Again today we will continue our post on qualities that I have observed that those who I would consider Great Leaders of today and in the past tend to have. If you have not read the previous ones and this is the first one you have read, then please check the rest out as well here for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Today in part 4 we will look at how they’re lifelong learners. Great leaders never stop learning about their field, themselves, their team, and how to best motivate their people. They realize that there is never a point when you “know it all.” There is always something new to learn.

As I reflect on this quality I can’t help but think through all of my coaching students that i get the privilege of coaching every week. My Kidology Coaching students are all very hungry and determined to be a lifelong learner. Each one comes with a variety of experience ranging from their current ministry being their first one all the way to 18 year veterans in children’s ministry.

it is this quality of being a life long learner that keeps them growing. During the time of our coaching I have seen where they have been given trust to take take on more ministry areas, pay increases, developed ministries for the whole community, more than tripled some of their ministries in attendance and reach, grown stronger volunteers as their middle management gets stronger, family life and marriages even grow in depth and strength, started new non-profit ministries and so many more great things.

Why? Because they remain life long learners. How are staying a life long learner? What is your strategy in always growing?

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