Quick File Organization tip

I have gone away from most paper files now so I can use a search field to solve the following issue. But, there are still some paper files that I have which is the factor that has driven me to figure out this quick tip.

Have you ever filed stuff in your file cabinet, folders in your desk etc and when you go to recover it you just can not find it? This happened to me all the time. It drove me crazy. I would even have files in 3-4 different places and all the same file. It happened to me when I would even start a new computer files as well. Finally, I have a suggestion that may help slim this down for you, here it is:

Make sure all your files begin with a NOUN instead of an ADJECTIVE. For example, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, and Auto Insurance would all be located in different sections of your files. Use Insurance, Life; Insurance, Medical; and Insurance, Auto instead, so the files all end up in the same place. Wouldn’t you want to go to ONE place in your files to find all information related to insurance?

Give this a try and let me know how it goes for you.

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