Quick KidMin lessons part 2

I a continuing some quick lessons I have learned through all these wonderful years that God has allowed me to be in full time children’s ministry. I had an earlier post of 5 quick lessons which you can check out here.

I am starting today’s numbering as a continuation of the lessons I have posted.
6. Learn to forgive. Things happen. People change. You can’t move forward in ministry — or in life — if you can’t forgive and move on. Believe it or not there will be several times that you yourself will need to be forgiven as well.

7. Don’t underestimate the power of the water cooler. The power of word of mouth is extremely powerful. Learn to use social media and give your congregation something to spread the news about. People want to talk, they want to spread news, they want to take pride in areas of their lives, so give them something to do this over and they will.

I am adding this video from Michael Hyatt who interviewed Dan Cathy from Chic-fil-a as he speaks about service. I think this topic of service is a great bridge from lessons #7 and going into Lesson #8. Enjoy.

An Interview with Dan Cathy from Michael Hyatt on Vimeo.

8. Treat your team well. People will follow a leader who treats them with respect. Learn to value your team’s input, and always reward them for a job well done. My goal is to be known as the ministry i the church that takes care of their team the best.

I will stop with these today. So what else do you think should or will make the list of lessons I have picked up over the years? What are some of your lessons?

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