Quick KidMin Lessons Part 3

Here we are for round 3 of quick lessons I have picked up over all of my wonderful and joyful years of being a full-time children’s pastor. I will continue with the numbering from my previous post, which sets us up for lesson #9.

9. Focus is the most underrated skill that you must master. 90 percent of the time, what is on your computer screen is not resulting in a positive ROI (Return On Investment – along the lines of the 20% for the 80% discussed earlier). Learn to focus on what truly matters to your pastor, you, and your families. Then, do it consistently.

10. Multitasking doesn’t mean greater productivity. Numerous studies have shown that multitasking decreases brain power. I do lots of projects with my KidMin coaching students to show them the true effects of multitasking. You would be just as amazed as they are when we do the exercises to show it is better to chunk your time rather than chase the myths of multitasking.

11. Find a coach. This is a lesson I tried to figure out how to accomplish in several ways besides just going and find a coach who could work with me one on one. I tried to use conferences, books, tapes, web sites, networks, and more. All of this run around time did not produce half the results of if I would have taken the advice of getting an actual coach. So please learn from my experience just invest in getting a coach, you will see it pay for itself.

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