Quick KidMin lessons part 4

Hopefully you have picked up all three post previous to this one. If not, I would recommend on going back and reading all the previous ones and then continuing on with this one. But each one can stand on it’s own. So let’s continue.

12. Age isn’t just a number. Age does matter. Managing a Gen Y employee is different than managing a baby boomer. There are numerous books out there to read up on the differences but one I would like to suggest to you is titled New Breed. I found this to be a good book that started several discussion with my team.

13. Learn to view situations objectively. Just because you would or wouldn’t do something, doesn’t mean others are the same way. You are not trying to make your teams into you. You are trying to assist your teams into being the best ‘them’ that God has created them to be. There are more than one way to get things accomplished. Give them the task, the reason and even suggestions but be ready if they choose to get it done another way. If it doesn’t work, remember a previous lesson we have already covered named: Learn to forgive.

14. Life is short, and very easy to take for granted. Sounds like something you’d read in a self-help book, but true nonetheless. Life is temporary, and the only thing that matters at the end of the day is how you treated those around you. I have done a previous post as well called: It is about relationships that you may want to go and read as a supplement with this post.

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