Quick KidMin Lessons part 5

Starting today part 5 of some quick KidMin lessons I have learned over the 18+ years of being a full-time children’s pastor.

15. A support network is crucial. As much as you try, you can’t do it alone. Building a personal and professional support network is imperative. There are some great online communities that you can network with. To name only a couple there are Kidology, cmconnect, International Network of Childrens ministry, and so many more. The point is just jump in and start networking.

16. Hard work is a given. I’ve learned that there is always work that will need to be done. The task list is never complete. So, just enjoy it!

17. Be picky when choosing your close friends. My close friend list (and I don’t mean Facebook) is short. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Those you surround yourself with the most will be the ones who have the opportunity to influence you the most. I have heard it said, you will become the sum of your top 5 closest friends. If that is true, what does your future look like?

I am going to end this series with today’s part 5. So now that you have read mine and in no particular order what did I miss or what would you add? Leave a comment here because I truly do want to hear from you.

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