Rescue Time for better productivity in Children’s Ministry

rescue time2

I must admit that God has really help set me up with a ton of great opportunities and privileges with one of those being a Personal Children’s Ministry Coach. This consistently puts me in contact with wonderful people who end up spending a lot of time on computers as they research, plan, communicate, organize, network through social sites like Facebook, twitter and more.

All of this type of activity can sometimes seem to swallow up your time and at the end of the day you end in frustration because you feel like you never get anything done. Here is where a great little program called RescueTime comes in. All RescueTime requires you to do is a site registration, and to download and install its Data Collector, which will watch in the background, all the applications you use, the websites you visit, and the files you work on throughout the day.

RescueTime works behind the scenes taking notes of how much time, for instance, you spend on Facebook or twitter, how long it takes you to finish writing a report, and the amount of time you spend reading and responding to e-mails. It will also tell you when were the most productive times for you during your day and an “Efficiency Summary” is produced that reports a measure of the ratio of your productive time to distracting time. While RescueTime may label your time spent on Twitter or responding to emails as a distraction, you can indicate otherwise. After you have spent several hours using RescueTime, you can click on Categorize Activities, under the Settings menu, and set which activities you consider as “very productive,” “very distracting,” or somewhere in between.

Bottom line, get control of your time and the more strategic and efficient you can be in your children’s ministry. Go check out RescueTime and rescue your time.

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