In any sport it is extremely important to score. It’s the score that at the end separates those who won and those who did not. I am constantly trying to learn to S.C.O.R.E. Here are just a few ways that I am trying to improve so that I can constantly have a better score in life.

S = Shared information and open communication. I am intentional about sharing information and facilitating open communication because I know how that builds trust and encourages those on my teams to act like owners of the organization, ministry, friendships etc.

C = Compelling Vision. I know how and have studied how thriving ministries or businesses having a compelling vision was a hallmark of each of them. I will be purposeful in making sure that any area of my life will not only have one, but it is known and owned by all those who are part of it.

O = Ongoing learning. I will always strive to become better as a person and as part of God’s family.

R = Relentless focus on results. I want to live my life with directed purpose, focus, and determination to be everything that God wants and has for me.

E = Examination. It is not a stopping point to just work on the S.C.O.R because its not finished. Examination must take part so that the things that were good can be repeated and the things that missed the mark can be improved or done away with. Examination of systems, processes and practices need to be aligned to support the vision, goals, and mission of my life.

How do you plan to S.C.O.R.E.?

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