Secure yours before helping others


I just finished flying to San Diego and back to Kansas City so that I could attend CPC 2011 for Kidology. At the start of each flight the attendant would give the speech that in the case of a change in the cabin atmosphere how masks would drop from the over head panels and would flow with oxygen. They would then continue to share the importance of securing our own mask first before helping others around us.

This announcement started me thinking of the importance of taking care of yourself so that you can take care of others. Here are a few ways that I work on this.

– Wake up at 5am to have my own Bible reading and time of prayer

– Watch what I am eating (even though there is a ton of room for improvement on this still for me.)

– Carve out time to invest in reading topics that I am interested in.

– Try to make sure I go to bed early enough (usually around 10:30-ish) and sleep in until 5am.

– I try to not work on the computer at least 30 minutes before bed. I have learned that parts of the brain stay alert and are not allowed to rest when we play video games, work on the computer, etc. before we go to bed.

– I keep an organized office space which helps me keep a piece of mind, which in turn allows me to stay happy and more productive.

These are a few ways I secure my mask first so that I am able to help others. What are a few of yours and how often do you live them out?

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