Simple ways to show kids you love them

Dad and Cam with hats

I thought I would sit down and begin to make a quick list of ways that over the years I have shown kids that I love them. The more I thought about it, this list with a few adaptions’ would also work for adults. Why? Because this list really shows was to spend TIME with people.

Spending time is one of the greatest ways I have found. Now to the list.

1. Spending/Investing time with kids

2. Smile at them.

3. Remember their birthday and acknowledge it.

4. Talk to them and not down at them.

5. Present options when they come to you for help.

6. Apologize when you’ve done something wrong.

7. Give them a hug, handshake, or high-five when you see them.

8. Send encouraging cards.

9. Play games they want to play.

10. Keep the promises you make.

11. Call them on the first day of school and pray for them.

12. Brag on them to their parents.

13. Catch them doing something right.

14. Show up to their school in a purple monkey outfit and sing Happy birthday to them.

15. Show up to their sporting events.

16. Show up to their school recitals.

17. Show up tot heir school plays.

18. Say something nice to each child within the first 2 minutes of meeting them.

19. Visit them at the hospital.

20. Invest time in connecting new kids with seasoned kids in your programs.

There is a quick list of 20 ways, there are so many more ways. What would you add?

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