Skype a tool I use in children’s ministry

Skype is a tool that I have found several uses for in children’s ministry. I use Skype throughout the week to be more productive and a better task manager.

How I use it in children’s ministry?
My volunteers have a variety of schedules as I am sure yours do as well. Instead of asking everyone to make their way to the church or a restaurant etc. I now get to ask them to just jump on Skype from their own home even. Now people save their gas, single parents don’t need to worry about babysitters, parents who work later don’t have to try to slam down some food into their kids before they drive to the meeting. Instead everyone gets to just jump on from their own house or some use their smart phone and the Skype app and jump on from a coffee shop or any place they may be.

Talk with kids. Announce a time you are going to be on and encourage kids who can to jump on from home or their friends homes and talk with you. This opens up several opportunities for evangelism as the kids invite their unsaved friends and you get to practice friendship evangelism.

Coaching is another way. I am a National coach with Kidology and this is how I touch base every week with those who are participating in coaching.

How about you? Do you use Skype and if so how?

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