Social Media Change of Mindset


I had blogged recently about Why are those who minister to kids so uninvolved and it has created some great discussion on cmconnect.

I thought I would post another thought and see what people think about this one.

What if the saying of “The medium is the message” is true? Social media, as a medium, is a place to hang out with friends, tell a story, and gather an audience. What if it wasn’t a place where people went to learn something new; that’s done through books, courses, conferences like INCM, or coaching.
Shift your mindset and focus on using social media not as an educational tool, but as a tool to find people with relevant interests and create your messages to articulate their thoughts on ministry and the likes. What if we wrote about important aspects of ministry and discuss issues that exist that are shared by followers, but do so succinctly and in an engaging fashion.

What are your thoughts?

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