Some insight from Steve Jobs

It is no surprise from anyone who knows me even in the littlest way that I am huge Apple fanatic and was way before it ever became popular to be so. And anyone who is a long time apple guy like myself it is kind of natural to appreciate the mind behind this great product.

So today, I thought I would post some of the wisdom and tid-bits from the guy, Steve Jobs, who was a huge part of the long term success of this wonderful company we know as Apple.

* Passion is needed for the long haul
* You have to be a great talent scout because you can’t do it alone.

* Collaboration is a great way to success
* Have trust in your team to get stuff done without watching over them.
* Meet with your teams and create with them and then set them free to do what they say they will do
* You have to be run by ideas and not hierarchy. The best ideas are what must win, every time.

How if at all has your life been impacted by Apple/Steve Jobs? Music, Computers, Phone, Watching Movies etc.?

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