Some quick KidMin lessons Part 1.

I’ve been immensely grateful for the opportunities life has presented me with. And, as I look forward to the future, it would only be fair to look back as well.

Here are some quick lessons I have learned over the years as a full time children’s pastor.

1. Always think in terms of value. There are always a ton of things that must be doe in ministry but not all of those things will be the 20% that you need to do in order to see the 80% of return on your investment of time. So what do you do with the 80% of stuff that is not in your 20%? Great question and here’s the brief answer in lesson #2…

2. Know your team, paid or volunteer. You will have people on your team that will love to do and find fulfillment in things that you do not. Just because you don’t like to do budgets doesn’t mean that someone on your team would not find that to be their sweet spot. Know what delegate and to who. This will help you build and invest in your team and the more people you can keep in their 20% the more who will be able to produce 80% for the team.

3. A written vision of what you want your ministry to look like in 1 year, 3 years and 5 years is important. The pen (or keyboard!) has power. It isn’t enough to envision your goals in your mind. You must have a blueprint on paper. Every decision you make, ask yourself: does this help me get closer to the end result of where God wants you to be?

4. Learn to listen.
I. First learn to listen to God in those quiet times. In order to do this you must have those quiet times.
II. Learn to listen to your spouse. You can often times loose sight of how out of balance you are becoming with work vs. family time. Listen when they tease you about ‘It is nice to see see you stranger’.
III. Learn to listen to your kids. When your kids start to say stuff like, ‘If your not too busy could you come to see me at my game?’ These statements are coming from several experiences they have had with you being too busy to hang out with them.
IV. Listen to yourself. You are not immune to the falls and failures of everyone else who has gone before you. If you neglect the warning signs you too will be open to the same type of falls and failures.

5. Bring on team members who have a fire. Passion is a must in every position. Find people who are driven to do well and see your ministry succeed.

There is part one of quick lessons in KidMin. What else would you add, before I post the next 5?

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