Some quick Leadership sayings

Here’s just a few leadership nibbles that I have always enjoyed:

* Leadership always shows

* People who leave positions leave openings, Influencers leave legacies

* Prioritize principles over popularity or preferences

* The power of process is the cumulative impact of many small, correct decisions

* Growth occurs gradually and is experienced daily

* Ask for God’s help, you’ll need it

* If you dream big, calculate accordingly

* There is no such thing as luck; Good things happen when opportunity and preparedness meet

* Yesterday’s successful chartering won’t get you through today’s storm

* Articulate the course

* Before you speak and expect others to listen to you, listen to others – lots.

* To be a good leader, focus on being good before you focus on being a leader

* Establish your identity by who you are rather than what you do

* People will respect a leader with a vision that is compelling and makes sense to them

* In the leadership relay, it makes no difference how fast you run if you drop the baton.

* Mentoring is the method by which you can go from just reading history to creating history.

* The credibility of the leader enhances the credibility of the vision.

* Demonstrated courage increases buy-in.

* If you must choose between substance or image always choose substance.

Those are just a few that I have enjoyed and I pray that you are able to enjoy them as well.

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