Some top iPad apps according to me 5/16/11

I had posted my top iPhone apps last week and will now post my top iPad apps minus the dual apps that work on iPhones and iPads since I posted some of those in my iPhone app post already.

Let’s begin:

1. WordPress.
Seeing that I use WordPress for my blog I really enjoy their app. This is a great app and it’s easy to use which makes blogging from my iPad a great experience.

2. GoodReader, PDFReader Pro
Here are two great apps that allow me to read anything from books, movies, maps, pictures and more. They give the ability to mark up PDF’s. The latest version of GoodReader adds the ability to sync your files with remote servers. I can now sync with iDisk, Dropbox, Sugar Sync and WebDAV, FTP or SFTP servers. There is a lot I could write on these but I will simplify it all by just saying, you will want these two.

3. Print n Share.
This is an app that does cost, but allows you to print directly to most WiFi/Wireless printers without extra software. You can print to ALL printers and any document type via your Mac/PC. You can even print remotely over 3G and in corporate/other networks where WiFi is not available.

4. Auditorium Notes/ SoundNote
These are great note apps that allow integration with Dropbox and others along with audio recordings being able to be accomplished as well. Now it must be said that I, personally, no longer use these two apps since I have gone completely with Evernote.

5. Zite/Newsy/Taptu/Flipboard/Pulse/Early Edition/ Reader and more.
Here are all of the newsreaders and blog readers that I have used and still use in various degrees. They each have their own strengths. I could end up writing a book over these, but instead I will encourage you to look into each and see if they will be useful for you as well.

6. Kindle app
This is one of those that can be used on both iPhone and iPad but I have saved it to mention here because I use it by far the most on my iPad because of the larger screen area.

7. LogMeIn / iTeleport
Here are 2 great apps that I use to remote into any of my computers regardless of where I am. Seeing that I mainly work remotely, since I travel around a ton during the day, I have found these apps incredible to use for those times that I need something that I have not stored in the cloud. LogMeIn is the one I am beginning to use a little more now due to the fact that it doesn’t pull so much on my system.

8. FastEver
Here is an app that allows me to make a note quickly and simply in Evernote. Once I tap on the icon I can start right away. It supports all my tags, geolocation tagging, stores notes in que when offline, can insert timestamps, and more. If you use Evernote this is a must have on your iPad along with your iPhone.

9. YouVersion
Here is my Bible preference for both my iPhone and iPad. If you have not checked this out yet or have not heard of it, come on out from underneath that rock you must be under.

10. TWCable TV/ Netflex
Here are two apps that I enjoy for some blow off time. TWCable is Time Warners app that allows me to be able to watch TV on my iPad. Now I do believe you must be a Time Warner subscriber, but seeing that this is the cable service we use it is not a problem. Netflex is one that my family is excited that I have on my iPad. When I stay after church for meetings, they love to turn on the iPad, kick back, and watch movies on my iPad through Netwflex. Again this is for subcribers, which we are.

These are the 10 apps, minus those that can be used on both the iPhone and iPad that I may have previously mentioned in the iPhone app discussion.

What iPad apps would you add to this list? Come on and share.

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