Some top iPhone app’s for me as of 5/11

I am always interested in what everyone else is finding to be useful apps on their iPhones or iPads so I thought I would list my top 10 for each device and invite others to please add to this list of great jewels.

Lets begin. As these are added they will be in no particular order. These are just some really nice apps according to me.

1. 1Password. Here is a very handy syncing app that works on my laptop, iPhone and iPad that stores and tracks all my passwords so I no longer have to remember them. 1Password will also do much more like generate strong passwords for me if I so desire, fill in on line forms with the information I have already set up in 1Password and so much more.

2. Evernote. Here is an app that again is for both iPhone, iPad and my laptop which has become my most used app. Evernote files, catches, organizes and more. It has recognition built into it where I can search for a word typed, handwritten or even from a photo and will pull up every where that word appears and shows me until I find the exact match I was looking for. You can send tweets there, voice notes and now if you have a LiveScribe pen (this was a tool I recommended in the past on a different web site) your hand written notes from that pen can also go directly to Evernote as well. One more of the many uses for Evernote is it’s voice recording as well. Go into that meeting hit record and the meeting is now recorded for future use if needed.

3. Drop box,, and iDisk.
I lumped all of these together as my online storage areas because that is just what they do. I can store things here and walk up to any computer and log into any of these accounts of mine and retrieve or add whatever I want regardless of the type of computer I am having to use at the time. Of course seeing that it is an app for my iPhone I have instant access to all of them through my phone.

4. Outpost and Insight (basecamp apps)
Basecamp is a wonderful on line collaboration tool I use when overseeing Kidologys projects. I also use this when consulting with several other businesses. These 2 apps allow me to log into basecamp and run it from where I am and it is simply done through these two apps.

5. Quick Office
Creates and Edits Microsoft office files. It also now has new advanced PowerPoint editor as well. This really will add a ton to your mobile device.

6. Social apps like foursquare, facebook, LinkedIn, TweetDeck, TwitVid, HooteSuite
All of these are great apps for me as well. On the social side there are tons you could choose from all depending on your personal preferences and what you want from them. Foursquare for me is all about the deals and mayor-ships for better discounts in the establishments that I already visit. Facebook is more for personal networking. LinkedIn is more for future business endeavors and a professional network of friends. With TweetDeck, I just enjoy the interface and use of it but really like HooteSuite’s statistic side and reports sent to me showing popular tweets of mine, when items are opened so I know when to tweet, when items are read the most, or re-tweeted the most. Many other interesting stats as well. Then TweetVid is an easy to use app for capturing video and sending to my different twitter accounts.

7. Photoshop Express.
Here is a new camera workflow for rapid in-app photo taking. The Adobe camera pack: reduces noise, has self timer and auto review plus full retina display support. Here is basically a little app that allows you to do not-so-little photos, and do them with excellence.

8. CamScanner+ or JotNot Pro or Genius Scan+
These are the three scanners that I go back and forth trying to figure out which one I enjoy the most. At this time I still have not decided so I will add them here together, but anyone out there that would like to add your opinion into this scanner topic to help me settle which one I like the most, please feel free to do so.

9. Image to Text
Here is an app that allows you to extract editable text from images and share the results by email or Evernote. Simply take a picture that you would like to extract text from, email it to yourself, co-workers, secretary, friends etc.

10. Evite.
Evite makes it easy to create and manage Evite invitations on the go. Use it on your iPhone to create invitations, manage guest list, RSVP to invitations and receive notifications for updates to invitations and more.

I will stop with these 10 iPhone apps knowing it is not a final list. I will add my iPad apps in the next one and then possibly do another post on notable mentions, since I can see a ton of apps that didn’t make it into my top 10, but would have made it in a top 100 type blog post.

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