Someone who gets it

I am posting this letter that I just received from a student I had in my ministry years ago. This is one of those letters that when you read, it just overwhelms you with happiness.

Hey Pastor Todd!
Wanted to send you a quick note. Shaunda and I were reminiscing about the good old days with you! I wanted to say a big thank you. You were a great teacher and I was and am so thankful for that opportunity to be involved as an “M&M”! Having little jobs as a kid in ministry gave me a great foundation for leadership.

I have so many good memories of kids church with you. I remember a missionary came and gave a prophetic message when I was in the fifth grade. The Lord gave me such a clear message about evangelism and called me into ministry. That’s just one memory. I have so many! My family just drove through the area where we did ministry that one time at that inner city church- remember that??

Anyway, the Lord has done many great things in my life and called me to mighty things in his name! I am now interning with our creative arts pastor this semester since I graduated last December. Trying to develop and learn as much as I can.

I think so many kids grow up and their children’s pastors never get to hear what an awesome impact they had. I wanted you to know you impacted me greatly! I hope things are going well in AR!

In Christ,

Can I say, that when I got this note from Logan, I was completely overwhelmed with joy. Here is one of those times that someone just gets it. Get’s what? The spirit of “thankfulness”. This is the same kind of spirit I try to have with Jesus as well. Do we take the time as Logan did here, to go back and thank our Savior Jesus Christ for everything He has done. There is a story in the Bible as well about some really sick people who were all healed but only one returned to say “Thanks”.

Jesus may I be counted guilty to be the one who will say “Thanks, and I love you”.
Logan, thanks for the kind letter.

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