Stop the lie: not enough time. Face the truth: poor priorities

frantic man

I hear all the time from so many people as they rush around claiming they do not have enough time to get it all done. I strongly disagree!

I can hear many of you yelling at your monitor now: “Todd I am not wasting my time either.” You may be correct with that statement as well.

So, what is holding you back from getting your stuff done? I believe for many it is bad habits that have crept in unknowingly. Secondly it is “busy work” that holds you hostage.

To free up time for the proper task for you it is imperative that you know where your time is going now. Use a journal, use an app, whatever is best for you but track honestly your time spent and how it was spent each day. Do this for a few weeks (this is why most do not ever succeed here is because of the investment of truly discovering how your time is spent).

Once you have a good record of time spent look it over and see if you are giving an unhealthy amount of your time to items that pay back the least toward where God is heading? Have the courage to make the adjustments necessary to give most of your time to items that payback the most for your time.

Keep in mind, that most of the time people are wanting to add instead of subtract. The reason many have when creating time/task-management systems is for the sole purpose of just adding more into their everyday lives. Why not subtract and with what you do invest in make it those items that pay back the most for you?

What are some items you do that could be stopped?

What items pay you back the most for your time and efforts?

What will it take to stop these items and focus on the items to stay?

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