Success equals Stewardship

I have been given some thought as to what determines success really and with all the different thoughts I have noticed different results in each of the situations that I have looked at. Not all of these situations I have examined are mine alone, but each of the situations I viewed were viewed as successful. So, I continued to drill down into what do these all have in common? Then it comes to me, each of these situations that had successful results all had in common:

“Great stewardship = successful results”.

Regardless of the success or the situation that I was using in my many examples it always came down to the stewardship executed that made each more successful than others. Of course it was the leadership that determined how the stewardship would be lived out.

I looked at several life results with varying success and leadership abilities and found that even with a mediocre leader who is a good steward of using all known resources they were more successful than even a known great leader who chooses to not be a good steward of resources. For the record, leaders who chose consistently to not be a good steward did not remain long term as an influential leader. More on becoming a lazy leader in a future blog.

Summary – Using % of known resources + % of discipline used for execution = amount of success. Allow me to try and say it in another way: The amount of good stewardship of known resources and amount of good stewardship of execution determines success. So success equals amount of stewardship.

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