Having a Successful Children’s Ministry, is it really as hard as we make it?


I have enjoyed all the years (20+ full-time years) that God has allowed me to be a children’s pastor. In that time I have read numerous books, seeing that I read an average of 2-3 books a week, attended many conferences, attended more seminars than I could recount and the list goes on of ways I have taken in information of how to have a successful ministry.

I wonder sometimes if we make having a successful ministry more difficult and illusive than it really is. While nothing worth doing well is ever easy, certain commonalities seem to exist that successful ministries share with one another.

So, without having to pay the price of travel, hotel, conference fee, restaurant prices and all, allow me to offer up some of the common thread observations that what many call “successful ministries” tend to do.

* Have a clear vision. Vision is defined in many ways but in this case I am referring to the ideal end picture

* Set clear goals. This is the yearly, monthly, weekly, daily steps that need to be S.M.A.R.T.’ed out (Specific/ Measurable/ Attainable/ Realistic/ Time Bound) to keep momentum moving forward to carry out the vision.

* Get the right people on the bus and in the right seats, as Good to Great Jim Collins explains.

* Communicate clearly what people are responsible for and hold people accountable.

* Stay disciplined in working the plan.

* Enjoy and stay grateful on the journey. Never lose your joy and gratefulness toward God, so stay plugged in through prayer, and reading His word. Show your gratefulness to those who go on the journey with you.

I do understand it’s much more complicated than this in practice, but these are the things I see in common with the most successful ministries. Focus on these, and you’ll be doing as well as the best of the best!

Which of these disciplines does your children’s ministry most need to improve?

What other disciplines would you consider necessary for success?

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